My Podcast Interview with Diana Dyer, RD Discussing the Health Benefits of Kale

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Interviews, Podcasts
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I was inspired after my trip to Italy to dig out a great podcast interview from last year on the topic of Kale from my 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life radio program. I posted a recipe that uses “Black Cabbage” (aka Kale) in a traditional Tuscan dish called Ribollita last week – you may be inspired to make it after hearing my interview with Diana Dyer, RD, a kale lover and nutrition expert in the field of cancer care.

Diana Dyer is a wife, mom, long-time organic gardener and farmer, Registered Dietitian and author of the book A Dietitian’s Cancer Story. She is also a three-time cancer survivor and her website focuses on nutrition information for cancer survivors. She began a blog in June 2007 to share a wider scope of her thoughts about life as a cancer survivor, food and nutrition, gardening, recipes, our environment, and the urgent need for developing food systems that promote health not disease, ecological sustainability, and social justice.

In January 2009, she began the blog “365DaysOfKale” to write about her passion for one of her favorite (and mine) vegetable. The following is a podcast interview with Diana where we discuss the amazing health benefits of Kale. Enjoy!

All About Kale!

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  2. Her research, which has appeared widely in professional journals, has also caught the attention of the national media. Nutrition Facts

  3. Great podcast. I never knew kale was so good for you! Never been a big fan, but I remember my mom picking wild kale and putting it in things she’d make (I don’t think I ever ate any of it).

    Anyway, I just bookmarked you and I’m going to post a link to this podcast on my blog at

  4. Hmm that’s interessting but to be honest i have a hard time seeing it… wonder how others think about this..

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