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Free App Now Offers 100 Strawberry Recipes to
Lure Your Loved Ones and Features Advice from Nutrition Experts 

WATSONVILLE, CA (November 30, 2010) – The new version of the popular “Strawberries” app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is now available for free download in iTunes. In addition to 100 ways to enjoy strawberries, the app features recommendations on ways to get kids to eat healthier, general nutrition tips from well-known dietitians, dozens of recipes for kids, and links to the hottest food bloggers and nutritionists on the web.
The “Strawberries” app, when initially launched, was selected by Apple as a staff favorite and has already been downloaded by tens of thousands of people. The new addition is expected to wow users even more with its focus on health and brand new “kid-friendly” category to give parents fresh ideas on preparing creative and healthy meals and snacks for the whole family to enjoy.
“Strawberries are one of the healthiest and most versatile fruits to include in a family’s daily diet because they are low in calories, supply more than 100 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin C, and kids love them,” said Dave Grotto, RD, and author of 101 Optimal Life Foods. “This app is an easy and fun way to help folks get inspired to eat more strawberries in more ways.”
The California Strawberry Commission’s goal for the strawberries app is to provide consumers with simple and creative ways to take advantage of this naturally sweet super fruit that’s available throughout the year. All the recipes and nutrition tips can be shared directly from the app via email, Facebook or Twitter.
Cool Features:
·       More than 100 recipes, categorized by dish type
·       Dozens of  “kid-friendly” recipes
·       Shopping lists at your fingertips
·       Bonus tips from acclaimed author and dietitian, Dave Grotto
·       Ability to easily share recipes and tips
·       Links to top food bloggers and health tips
·       Complete recipes and dish photos

The Strawberries app is available immediately for free download by typing in “Strawberries” in the Apple iTunes Store, or at the following link: <> .
Connect with California Strawberries
·       Check out the brand new website for strawberry lovers at <>

·       Visit the California strawberries page on Facebook – <>

·       Follow us on Twitter – <>

About the California Strawberry Commission
The California Strawberry Commission <>  is a state government agency that represents an industry of 600 growers, shippers and processors of California strawberries. With a focus on food safety education, Commission strategies also include production and nutrition research, trade relations, public policy and marketing communications.

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I picked up an itouch for each of my daughters for Christmas and not only are they hooked, I am too!  As you may know, there are very cool apps that can be downloaded for free. Speaking of, here’s a cool app from my friends at the California Strawberry Commission that features 50 unique strawberry recipes from 50 of the most popular food bloggers!

–       Remember, it’s free! Here’s the link for the app at the itunes store:

Let me know what you think…

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