Podcast: Mike Roizen, MD and Mollie Katzen Talking Walnuts

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Podcasts
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I’m really having fun with this new blog\website. One of the neat things I like is being able to post pictures, videos and podcasts right into the posts.

There were so many cool interviews I had the opportunity to conduct last year that I thought I’d dust a few of them off and share them with you again.

WYLL is a local station here in Chicago where I hosted a radio show that broadcasted many of these interviews and many of my followers told me that sometimes they couldn’t catch the show at the times it ran. So, the good news is that I made podcasts out of all the shows and my game plan is to archive all of them here on this site under “podcasts”.

The game plan is also to do all new podcasts and videos this year too as a result of some very exciting partnerships that are in the works – I’ll let you know more about them as soon as I can 😉

In the meantime, please enjoy my wonderful conversation with Mike Roizen, MD, creator of Real Age and YOU: The Owner’s Manual and Mollie Katzen, celebrated James Beard award-winning cookbook author, talking about the health and culinary benefits of walnuts.

The Health Benefits of Walnuts

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