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I’m not much of a resolution type of guy but I do think the process of making them is fun – as long as you don’t take them too seriously. Apparently, the rest of America has caught on to this too and its predicted that in another week or so, many “resolutions” made will no longer be taken seriously by their makers either. Unfortunately, broken resolutions are often followed by feelings of remorse, failure and dismay.

I wanted to share a few informative and motivational videos with you that may help either get back on track with your new efforts or keep you on track if you haven’t thrown in the towel yet!

The first video was made with my friends from the International Food Information Council. It’s all about helpful tips for weight management – from goal setting to choosing the best optimal foods for middle management.

The second video is actually a Livestream event that was recorded on January 5th which featured Lisa Lillien (aka Hungry Girl), Andrea Metcalf national fitness celebrity and author of the new book Naked Fitness, Douglas “Duffy” McKay, N.D. Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for the Life Supplemented campaign, and yours truly. It was entitled the Power Hour of Wellness where we discussed the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that includes diet, exercise and appropriate use of dietary supplements. There were lots of great “resolution” tips given that may be of help to you on your new path to greater wellness. Good luck and don’t forget, you can always seek guidance here if you are struggling. And if you are being successful, I’d love to hear your story, too!!

Powerhour of Wellness

Here’s some coolio photos from the Powerhour of Wellness shoot.

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Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone!

The Guyatitian

I’m typing today’s post from my beautiful room at the Four Seasons hotel in Florence Italy. So glad we arrived safely after a hectic day of travel.

As I promised, here are some pictures of me eating my way through the trip with my fist meal being breakfast on my United flight followed by some amazing choices at Frankfurt airport! And also take a look at who I had the privilege to travel with.

Tomorrow I have a full day of sessions. I will be exploring the culinary trends and traditions of Florence, taking a peek into the forthcoming 2010 dietary guidelines and starting to think about what might change for revisions set for 2015, hearing about dietary supplements benefiting menopause and getting to hear Brian Wansink, PhD and Lisa Lillien talk about how one becomes “satisfied” with what they eat. Should be fun!

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s update and more great pictures!

Ciao and Chow,


Buon Giorno!

I will be heading out in a few hours to travel to Florence, Italy. I’m traveling there to attend (and speak at) a food conference and to also experience cuisine and markets of Italy. Besides that, I will be in the presence of some of the greatest food minds in the world. How cool is that?

My plan is to send back lots of food pictures and hopefully videos of marketplaces and restaurants as I eat my way through Florence. I’ve learned a little Italian…”Molta di Fame” means “I’m starving to death”. That should come in pretty handy…

And lastly, I hope to provide you with some cool interviews of “movers and shakers” in the nutrition world: Cynthia Sass ( Flatbelly Diet), Brian Wansink, PhD (Mindless Eating), Lisa Lillien (Hungry Girl), Dawn Jackson Blatner (Flexitarian Diet) and hopefully others who are truly having a positive influence on how we eat.

Have a question for me or any of my friends above? Just ask! If I post your question, cool prizes await you when I get back. Maybe I’ll pick up something especially for you from Italy!

Ciao and Chow