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P.O. Box 311
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126
Fax: 630-941-8762

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Beth Shepard Communications, LLC
Beth Shepard
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  1. Hillary says:

    Do you have a newsletter?

    • guyatitian says:

      Hi Hillary:

      Been kicking that idea around some. Is that something that would interest you? I’ve been holding off on putting one together ’cause I wonder if people feel overwhelmed with e-newsletters they receive. Value your opinion!!



      • marc says:

        Hi Dave , I am a new viewer.I think a cool “food for thought” newsletter is a cool thing but be careful of any sales pitch stuff . also off topic question- I am wondering what i could give my son these next few days to compensate for the anti-biotic “augmentin ” and also a past injection of “rosefin” for fighting pneumonia -he is doing a lot better but -i am a bit sad about giving him these meds that the Dr. prescibed. Its the first time he has taking any anti-biotics and he is 4 years old thanks- oh yeah i liked your video on immune health Funny but good.

      • guyatitian says:

        Hey, thanks for the feedback. Still debating on the newsletter thingy – very sensitive to cluttering up inboxes with stuff so I’m not sure if that’s going to happen…unless I can come up with one that’s just so nauseatingly jam- packed with useful info, no one would dare delete it. LOL! Regarding your question about probiotics, there is some literature that questions the wisdom of taking probiotics while taking an antibiotic. I can appreciate your concern about the negative effects of augmentin on the digestive tract and all but if you’ve made the decision for your son to be on it, you want to make sure nothing interferes with it’s effectiveness, right? Worst thing would be for him to have to go on another course of antibiotics because something interfered with the first course. Arghhh! The best thing would be to run this question by you doc and/or your pharmacist. Good luck and hope your son feels better!!


  2. Debbie Palko says:

    Hi Dave,

    Wow! I just read about your new book and so I looked you up on the internet. Congratulations on all your success, and on your family. We’ve lost touch with you for so many years so I’m glad to catch up with you today.

    Would you like to receive our May catalog? We just picked up the SoyJoy bars that you referred to in your magazine article. Fortunately our business is going great. If there is anything we can do with you or for you please contact me.


  3. Tillie Bryan says:

    Dr. Tothy from Merrillville, In. recommended you as a dietician I might be able to use for my conditions.
    I have ulcerative colitis and had a severe flare up in Jan. and ended up in the hospital with a blood clot in my lung.
    I am on Warfarin and had a severe reaction to being on prendisone for three months.
    Since I have ulcerative colitis and am on Warfarin I am really having problems about what I should eat.
    I will be going to the Univ. of Chicago gastro doctor on June 7th. Would it be possible to meet with you then or any other time.
    I would appreciate hearing from you.
    Tillie Bryan

  4. Diane (Udoni)Theilgaard says:

    Hi Dave, How are you doing? We just seen Sharon at High Tec and she told me about your books,I plan to get them. Also I did get to see you on TV awhile a go. Congrats on all your success!! Sharon gave me your cell, will be calling you soon. Take care! Diane

  5. trf144 says:

    a wonderful site… read your book …101 foods that can save your life …and I love it!

    Nice to see your site here…. getting out the note book and the to do list! Best health to all who stop by this site!

    Tom Farrell

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