I’m typing today’s post from my beautiful room at the Four Seasons hotel in Florence Italy. So glad we arrived safely after a hectic day of travel.

As I promised, here are some pictures of me eating my way through the trip with my fist meal being breakfast on my United flight followed by some amazing choices at Frankfurt airport! And also take a look at who I had the privilege to travel with.

Tomorrow I have a full day of sessions. I will be exploring the culinary trends and traditions of Florence, taking a peek into the forthcoming 2010 dietary guidelines and starting to think about what might change for revisions set for 2015, hearing about dietary supplements benefiting menopause and getting to hear Brian Wansink, PhD and Lisa Lillien talk about how one becomes “satisfied” with what they eat. Should be fun!

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s update and more great pictures!

Ciao and Chow,


  1. madison grotto says:

    Hi daddy! I’m so glad u had a safe trip there.I miss u so much.Send us more pics.I love u and so does Mr. pig. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo love,Mooshi

  2. guyatitian says:

    Thanks, sweetie! I love you, too! More pictures are coming! Isn’t my daughter just too cute?!

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