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As we are ready to wrap up the holiday season, I wanted to share with you some advice I often share with patients: fat serves a multitude of purposes in the diet – there is no need to avoid it – eat the right kinds and in moderation. That sounds great as a sound bite but what does that statement really mean? Well, I came across a great article from my good friends at the International Food Information Council that has some slick (pun intended) information about the health benefits of healthy fats.

The Truth about Fats and Oils and Health.

In this article, you will find the statement “People who do not feel satiated [full & satisfied] by the food they’ve eaten, either because the flavor was missing or the food was not filling, may be more likely to continue eating in search of those sensations, likely offsetting any caloric deficit created by removing fats from foods.” This is EXACTLY why I don’t espouse low-fat eating. I find that my patients don’t get the same satisfaction as they do when eating full flavored, full fat original versions of recipes when they eat “liposuctioned” versions of the original. They key with eating fatty foods is to enjoy them in LIMITED portions.

As always, olive to skim your thoughts on this heavy subject. Sorry…couldn’t resist!

The Guyatitian