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Just got back from Anderson’s Book Shop in Naperville, Illinois where I co-presented with the awesome, Nicki Anderson. Nicki is a personal trainer and was most recently on the Dr. Oz show. She has helped thousands achieve their health and fitness goals with her realistic and consistent approach. Nicki and I share the same “101” approach  – with her newest book Single Step Weight Loss Solution with 101 tips and my 101 Optimal Life Foods – we made a great team telling the audience at Anderson’s that you don’t have to go to extremes to meet your health and fitness goals.

 I love Nicki’s shirt “Dieting Sucks“. And so does wearing a size large when you are an extra large! Ha. But my wife will look forward t wearing as a workout shirt.

You can see on the table that I brought some brownies to the event and yes, they were the famous “Beanie Greenie” brownies fron my recipe contributor, Deb Schiff of Altered Plates. They were a big hit!


And one of the neatest things was I got to meet Sean Wilson of Learn Fitness.  Sean has lost over 150 pounds by adopting simular philosophies as found in the 101 Foods approach and by being tenacious about exercising. Sean picked up on a Tweet I sent out about the event and luckily, lived near by. Congrats to Sean on his wonderful accomplishements and also for being a supporter of my work. In fact, Sean picked up two books for himself and two books to be given away on his blog. You can follow Sean on Twitter @learnfitness.

Thanks, Anderson’s! Had a great time!!!