Norwegian Salmon Farms

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Ask The Guyatitian, Videos
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Here’s a short video giving you a special peek inside a farm raised salmon operation in Norway. Do you eat farm raised? Wild caught? Both?

  1. Joe prego says:

    More to the point, would be the issue of number of farms per fiord. The ‘cage’ of farm density is good but the number of farms per fiord is what controls the viability of the operation. As we well know in Chile, this was high as such when ISA struck, they had no recourse but to eliminate all farms till the problem solved itself.

    As far as the issue of farmed versus wild; we would need to explore how the wild salmon are harvested and the time from this harvest till theyr reach your table. Both wild and farmed salmon represent great opportunities and challenges to processors.

    • guyatitian says:

      Good points, John – I appreciate your input. The operation I saw in Norway had about 4 cages\pens per Fiord. This seemed less than the operation I saw in Chile some 5-6 years ago. It’s a challange for sure. How do we meet the needs of ever- growing interest in aquaculture while not depleting wild species yet controlling farming practices.

  2. guyatitian says:

    Sorry Joe – I meant to say 6 cages per Fiord, not 4!

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