“Chow Down” Dinners Are Now Available!

Posted: September 15, 2010 in News, Uncategorized
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Not everyone has the time to cook the 101 Foods way. I get that. So in response to my “time and\or cooking challenged” clients’ requests, I’m thrilled to announce that Chow Down Dinners, a fresh-frozen line of meals based on my books, are now available at  CHOW specialty market in downtown Elmhurst, Illinois. Mary Corlett, owner of CHOW, along with her chefs and I, have created convenient, delicious and healthy fresh-frozen meals that are calorie and portion controlled. From Irish Poached Salmon to Vegetarian Pasta to Moroccan Beef, these meals are sure to please everyone in your family who is ready to Chow Down!

So if you are local, swing on by and pick up a stack of Chow Down Dinners. If you like them, hit me up in the comment section. Our hope is to make these delicious and nutritious meals available nationwide in the not-to-distant future and to also incorporate them into a weight management program I’m developing.

For more information, call 630-530-8646 or visit CHOW at 116 West Park Avenue in Elmhurst Illinois.  www.chowtogo.com


Dave (CHOWboy) Grotto, RD

  1. Gina Pelloni says:

    Hey Dave,
    Congrats on your new food line, I hope it’s a mad success so we can see them here down in South Florida!!
    Gina Pelloni

    • guyatitian says:

      Thanks, Gina! If they take off, we will work hard to make sure they are Florida bound! Putting your book in a new envelope with the right address on it and mailing out today!

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