2010 Dietary Guidelines: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Posted: July 13, 2010 in News
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FYI! There are only two more days to weigh-in on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans committee recommendations. So far, according to Liz Rahavi, MS, RD  from the International Food Information Council, the most vocal areas have been about:

  • Consumer messaging: for the DGA to be a success, messaging must be positive, actionable, and consistent across all government programs to create one nutrition voice for the consumer. 
  • Whole foods and total diet should be promoted, with limited focus individual nutrients. 
  • Opinions on processed foods varied from concerns about certain ingredients in processed foods to the notion that science in processing can help the population meet dietary guidance recommendations.
  • The topic of shifting to a plant-based diet may have received the most attention during oral comments.
  • Here’s the link to Liz’s blog to get the whole storyIFIC Nutrition Blog | Food Blog, Nutrition Advice, Food Facts – 2010 Dietary Guidelines: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace. Stay tuned, I will be weighing in with my own opinions, shortly!

    1. Tracey Pickford says:

      s/b “…forever hold your peas” : )

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