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Posted: April 2, 2010 in Ask The Guyatitian, recipes
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Dear Guyatitian:

 I went 3 wks ago and did bio feedback testing. It came up with a lot of interesting things. Beef/Pork I showed high for not being able to tolerate / also high for dairy (which I have known my whole life) now… I have GLUTEN issues.. crap… what else.. oh and CHOCOLATE my fav came up high for me being sensitive to it.. Sugar – sensitive ( I am a Blood Type A positive which means I should be on a mostly plant base/fruit/veggie eating style).

Any suggestions for gluten free stuff? I know I can google it.. for recipes etc.. just wondered if you knew of any good tasting gluten free items.. ?

I would just like any advice you have. 


Dear Betty:

You have a challenging diet ahead of you, for sure,  and I’m worried that you may be facing a very restrictive diet without valid reasons for doing so.

Though I’m a huge fan of using biofeedback for stress care and anxiety relief, biofeedback is not the most accurate way to determine if you are truly sensitive to the foods you mentioned – the science is lacking in this area. The best approach is to take one food at a time and exclude it from your diet for a week or so before sentencing yourself to life-long restriction. If you feel better, then avoid it. Then replace it with a food within the same category – example – swap out beef for chicken or a similar tasting meat such as bison or ostrich.

I also don’t buy the “blood-type cookie-cutter” approach either. Even if the theory of agglutination (clumping of cells) were true when you eat an offending food, it assumes that there are no variations within each blood type and that all blood types react the same to said foods. I could not find any evidence of this in the scientific literature. Furthermore, we are talking about a very serious allergic reaction occurring as a result of agglutination which is generally life-threatening, not just causing one not to feel their best. 

Bottom line? Seek out an board certified allergist for testing and a registered dietitian who can tailor a diet for you based on sound science and testing methods.

As far as a great gluten free cookbook recommendation, my favorite is 1000 Gluten Free Recipes by Carol Fenster, PhD . It’s my go-to book for gluten free recipes.

Good luck and feel better!

The Guyatitian

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